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Empowering Women Through Photography

Part of living a powerfully full life means to BE SEEN. No more hiding your bad assery, no more concealing your vulnerabilities, no more shaming yourself, no more agonizing over who you think you should be. Its time step into yourself, its time to be seen, as you are, in this moment.

That is what I am here for. I want you to live with power, I want you to love yourself, I want you to be seen. I will lift you up and I show you your beauty. I will support your strengths and vulnerabilities and show you how to do it for yourself.  I will remind you of what true sisterhood looks like and I will remind you that you are a bad ass who has the world at her fingertips.

Oh, and I just happen to do that with my camera.

Choose Your Experience

Celebrating You
Boudoir is the powerful experience of shedding layers. What are the literal and figurative layers that are holding you back? Maybe you don't feel beautiful. Maybe you struggle with loving and accepting yourself. Maybe you’re at a crossroads in life. Do you remain hidden and critical, or do you chose to transform and fight to attain the most powerful love of all: self love? When you stop hiding and learn to love yourself, you become unstoppable. That is the promise of a boudoir photoshoot.
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About You
The experience of an About Me session is all about you and your business! Imagine having gorgeous photos of yourself to use on your social media, promotional materials and in the "About Me" section of your website. Let's show your clients who you really are. Let them connect with you in a deeper way. Build trust by sharing your light and passions with them. This session is all about you! It is time to be seen!
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Bad Ass Adventure You
Are you a bad ass or aspiring to be one? Do you rock climb, ride motorcycles or shoot arrows from a bow while galloping horseback into the sunset? Do you have sights set on running a marathon? Do you have a goal to finally master that insane yoga pose? The adventure experience is all about that! Capturing you in all your boldness while you grab life by the reins!
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