Hero Image

Lauren Trantham

The Women's Photographer

I believe

...in black coffee, dark beer and shooting straight liquor

...being sexy does not undermine my intelligence

...amazing things are happening to you right now in this moment that you don't know about yet

...the (second) best job in the world must be secret agent

...we should buy less things and have more experiences

...life is a carnaval (La Vida es un Carnaval)

...passport stamps are tattoos on our souls

...in lonely planet books, north face backpacks, jeans that are torn and boots that aren't

...true beauty lies in simplicity

...that eating an entire wheel of cheese and drinking an entire box of wine on a midnight train to Barcelona is both the best and worst idea ever.

Guilty Pleasures

You can invite me to the fanciest restaurant in the world and I will still order chicken tenders.

I am obsessed with Shakira and I dance in the shower to see if my hips don't lie.

I eat plain cream cheese with a spoon.


 Photos courtesy of  Lyndsey Garber and Laryssa Gobets.  Hair and makeup by Stephie Fears.